Best Smart-watch for Girls & Women under 5000 in India

Best Smart-watch for Girls & Women under 5000 in India

Are you looking for some worthy options for smartwatches for women under 5000? Then, stay over here and find some of the best smartwatches that we’ve picked for women in an affordable range.

Gone are those days when watches are just for monitoring time only. Instead, everyone is switching to the smartwatch that helps to track a lot of things single-handed.

Whether you want to track down steps, PO2 level, heartbeat counting, and other things, smartphones can help monitor everything smoother. Thus, to help decide which smartwatch is best for you, below, I’ve listed some of the best smartwatches for women under 5000.

Let’s scroll down, read the reviews, and search for the quality smartwatch for you.

5 Best Smart Watches for Girls & Women Under 5000 Rs in India

Arguably, many brands are available that produce smartwatches under 5000, such as Realme, Oneplus, Noise, and many more. We’ll provide you with reviews of the five best watches under 500 in this post that you can buy.

1. Honor Watch ES 

Honor Watch ES is one of the cheapest smartwatches designed, especially for women. It features a SpO2 sensor that helps to track the real-time blood oxygen level. Bezel-less full-coloured display screen provides you with better vision and tracking. It automatically adjusts light according to the ambient lighting.

In contrast, it offers you 24 x 7-night heartbeat monitoring. The green 4.0 heart rate monitor uses the optimized monitoring algorithm for high precision reading. Extended battery backup provides excellent performance for up to 10 days.

Its snuggly design fits on the wrist perfectly and is ideal for freaky fitness women. It offers you 95 different workout modes to track your workout session. Plus, you get a quick charging facility, and dials are replaceable.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Accurate heart rate reading
  • Sleep and stress tracking
  • SpO2 monitoring and workout modes
  • 1.64 AMOLED rectangular display


  • Pulse Oz may trouble sometime

2. Amazfit Bip U Pro

Super stylish and lightweight design that’s what Amazfit Bip U Pro delivers to you under 5000. When fully charged, it gives you nine days of extended battery life. It does a good job for fitness freaks, such as heart rate monitoring, stress level, oxygen level, breathing, sleeping pattern, etc.

Moreover, it features smart notifications that remind you about incoming calls, apps, text messages, and calendars. Other than this, it can give accurate information about weather forecasting, smartphone music and other things.

Built-in GPS can help to track down your pathway and even have a calorie counter that tracks down your calories.


  • Nine days long extended batteries
  • Smart notifications
  • Accurate health tracking metrics
  • Budget-friendly smart devices


  • Annoying app downloading notification

3. Realme Watch S 

Realme Watch S is one of the best smartwatches for women under 5000. It features with a TFT-LCD touchscreen that too offer auto-brightness adjustment. Additionally, you can continuously monitor the heart rate and blood oxygen monitor. Meanwhile, you get some smart notifications such as incoming call alters, text messages and so on.

A Real watch can be the all-in-one device that you wear on your wrist and track everything. Plus, you get smart control on your music and enjoy clicking pictures within one go with this wristwatch. On the other hand, the watch is extremely water-resistant; you set yourself worry-free while going near the pool sides and even in the pool.


  • 360 x 360 pixels resolutions and perfect brightness
  • Highly durable and aluminium case
  • TFT-LCD touchscreen for better display
  • Better for tracking blood oxygen and heart rate


  • Limited smartwatch face

4. Noise ColorFit Pro 3 

Whether you want to monitor your heart rate or want to track your sleep cycle, Noise ColorFit Pro 3 does the right job for you. This smartwatch is highly compatible with your smartphones and iOS devices so that you can share data in a breeze.

It features a calorie counter and step tracker that help you to track your steps and count the calories you eat. The device also boasts connectivity technology such as Bluetooth so that you can easily share data on your devices.

If you are ready to dive into the pool, don’t worry. The watch is waterproof, so you don’t need to remove it and keep it aside from you. NoiseFit health tracking app can be your fitness tracker that helps to monitor everything to maintain your health.


  • Magnetic charger and extended battery life
  • Extremely water-resistant
  • Touchscreen display
  • Highly-affordable and durable


  • Delay in the response time

5. AQFIT Fitness Smartwatch

AQFIT fitness smartwatch is an ideal smartwatch for fitness freak women. It features a full-touch display screen and is water-resistant. Meanwhile, you can be worry-free within pools and anywhere without worrying about spill damages.

Besides this, you get multi-sports modes that help track different modes such as yoga, walking, running, football, etc. Health tracking is a beast because it lets you track your blood oxygen level, heart rates, sleep monitor, drink water, count down the calories, etc.

It features a slim and sleek body made with Zinc-Magnesium alloy, which is comfortable to wear and can enhance longevity.


  • Activity tracking and health tracking
  • Reinforced design and slim body
  • Touch screen with a colourful display
  • Waterproof and sport monitoring mode


  • Sleep tracking isn’t accurate

Buyers Guide

Things to Consider Before You Buy the Best SmartWatch for Girls & Women Under 5000 Rs.

Choosing the best smartwatch out of the plethora of models is a clumsy process. Advance features, fitness tracking, and other things may confuse you for a while. Thus, to sort out the puzzle, we have curated some tips that help make a better and informed choice.

Display Size

Display size is the first thing that everyone needs to consider. Some smartwatches come with a bigger dial, whereas some have a small display size. Always choose the display size that helps to monitor everything easily and has optimum size at least.

Along with the size of the display, do ensure to have colourful and automatic brightness adjustment so that you don’t feel annoyed while watching under different light conditions.

Battery Backup

Smartwatch comes with long battery life. However, we still prefer to have those watches that give you at least 10 hours of extended battery life. This will help to keep you away from the hassles of charging your smartwatch over again. A smartwatch with 8-9 hours of battery backup is also great to have.

Fitness Tracking Features

Buying a smartwatch is worthless if it doesn’t offer you fitness tracking features. So, always choose the smartwatch that provides fitness tracking applications such as sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level monitoring and many more. Along with this, ensure to have that smartwatch that lets you count your calories and track down the steps.


Connectivity features help to share your data easily on your smart devices. So, do prefer to have those devices that give you at least Bluetooth connectivity or wi-fi connectivity. In addition, some smartwatches also provide app connectivity so that you can sync your data easily on your other smart devices.


1. Which one is the best smartwatch for women under 5000?

Honor Watch ES, Amazfit Bip U Pro, and Noise ColorFit Pro 3 are some of the best smartwatches under Rs 5000 to buy in India as of the year 2021.

2. How to Choose the Right Smartwatch for women?

To choose the right smartwatch for women, make sure to check the display size, connectivity, fitness tracking features, and prices. This will help to choose the right smartwatch for women.

Can I get waterproof smart-watches under Rs 5000 in India?

Yes, the majority of the smartwatches under 5000 Rs are waterproof. Hence, surely you can get waterproof smartwatches under Rs 5000. However, before you buy, check the description and key features to buy a waterproof smartwatch.

Is it worth buying a smartwatch for women?

Yes, if you want to count on your calories and be a fitness freak, a smartwatch will help to track down your heart rate, step counting, running time, and many more things. That will ultimately help you stay fit & healthy and attractive.

Wrapping up…

Nowadays, people are concerned about their health and want wearable gadgets that help track their fitness reports and give them accurate results. That’s why we summed up the five best smartwatches for women to wear and provide accurate results about the heart rate and many other things. Also, we included a buying guide that helps you to make a better decision about the smartwatch.

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