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consumer forum and websites for complaint

India is the world’s second-biggest market by number of consumers. Millions of consumers in India do not get the right treatment from even leading brands. Raising the issues in the Consumer Forum is not everyone’s cup of tea. In such scenarios, Complaint Submission sites seem to be very handy in raising the voice against the companies or organizations.

Leading online complaint submission sites for consumers in India

1 . Centralized Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System (CPGRAMS)

Centralized Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System (CPGRAMS), is a Government of India portal. It provides an opportunity for all consumers to register their issues online. Certain issues are not allowed to be submitted. Such non-addressable issues are – Subjudice cases or any matter related to court judgment, personal and family issues, RTI-related matters, issues that may impact national integrity & friendly relations with other countries, and suggestions.

This is a great government initiative.

2. National Consumer Helpline

National Consumer Helpline is quite an effective platform for registering complaints as it not only takes the complaint online, it also provides the opportunity to speak and register the complaint on the toll-free phone number. On the National Consumer Helpline’s consumer complaint/grievances registering and redressal system, one can easily register the complaint here.

3. Mouthshut

The most popular portal for raising a complaint against a brand/company. It is not a pure complaint submission platform, but a platform that allows its users to submit ratings & reviews.

4. Complaint Board

Complaint Board is one of the best consumer complaint submission or registration sites in India. It systematically registers your complaint for a specific category & against a company or product. It is useful if you register a complaint against a company, brand, product, or service.

5. Consumer Complaints

It allows users to register a complaint against any company/organization for any product or service. It covers a vast range of categories.

6. Jago Grahak Jago

It is an initiative by the non-government entity, Consumer Online Foundation. It was founded by leading consumer protection activist Mr. Bejon Misra. It boasts to have received more than 57K complaints in India.

Be learned here that, this Jago Grahak Jago website is different from the Jago Grahak Jago service from Govt. of India.

7. India Customer Care

India Customer Care is a simple portal, where consumers can register their complaints on its forum. In this forum, consumers can take part in general discussion forums and register the complaint in the major company list.

Also, check other important links of Government bodies directly or indirectly related to consumer complaints & consumer rights.

Consumer Complaint register/submission forums or websites

Type of consumer complaintConcerned portal
Online Fraud Complaints India Online Fraud Complaints India

As of now, two agencies for Delhi & Indore have come up with an online cyber crime registration portal

1. Cyber Crime Cell Online Transactions Frauds, Delhi

2. Cyber Crime complaint online, Indore

3. Vizag City (not for complaint registration)
Bank complaintsRelated bank portal

Consumers should not just keep quiet once any issue happens to them. They must use their rights and take the matter to the consumer forums and even to the courts. Also raise your voice on the mentioned platforms, where crores of Indian audiences will see such issues & redressal from the company, if any.

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